2018/19 Best of Morgantown Award Finalist for Best Chiropractor

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
— Thomas Edison

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Can we help you? Well…

  • Do you have Acute low back pain with symptoms extending into your buttocks or down one leg (Sciatica)?

  • Do you have chronic neck pain, tension in your shoulders, poor posture, and frequent headaches?

  • Have your symptoms become more FREQUENT, more painful, or Began to extend further? Do you have a previous diagnosis of degenerative disc/joint disease? Bulging or herniated disc(s)?

  • Besides pain, Have you recently had any unusual tightness, or symptoms such as numbness or tingling radiating into your arms or legs?

  • Is quality sleep becoming less frequent?

  • Are you masking back pain with medication to get through the day and interested in stopping daily OTC usage?

  • Have you tried other options that weren’t as successful as hoped? 

  • Are you pregnant and experiencing low back pain?

  • Are you interested in maintaining proper spinal health?

If YES, Good news - we got your back!

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At Spineworks,

we help alleviate back and neck pain using a variety of hands-on, full-spine conservative therapies to deliver a quality, competent and positive experience. Every time.

We keep it simple. No treatment plans, no products for sale, no wasted time - just getting the work done right and without hassle.

From chiropractic adjustments, to one-on-one therapeutic stretching and massage, we got what it takes to be your #1 choice for pain relief in Morgantown.