Dr. Tim Dorey

Father / Chiropractor / Outdoor enthusiast

Upon graduating college in West Virginia, Dr. Dorey attended post-graduate school at National Chiropractic College in Chicago. While there, Dr. Dorey received a second Bachelor’s degree and then his Chiropractic Doctorate.

Dr. Dorey then began working throughout the United States for several different chiropractic clinics. His theory was to find the best techniques, styles, and practices that patients benefited from the most and learn from them. This knowledge would be put to use in his own future practice or clinic partnership.

In the summer of 2015 Dr. Dorey’s dream came to fruition and on July 15th, Spineworks opened its doors to the public.

When Dr. Dorey is not working you can find him with his son and best friend, Jaxon. Dr. Dorey also likes spending time outdoors- backpacking, mountain biking, traveling, and exercising regularly.